Crafted Design Guide

Be Creative:

  • Our products are uniquely crafted from your own design. The shape, size, font, color choice (if any) and monogram style are all your choice.

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24/7 Online Ordering

Orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be processed for crafting on that following Monday.

Choosing Your Font

Font Guide

  • Shop our products and find one you want crafted. 
  • Check the available fonts for that particular craft product.
  • Visit our GUIDE PAGE by clicking on GUIDE at the top of the HOME PAGE.
  • We have 10 pages and over 100 different fonts available.
  • Fonts are listed alphabetically.
  • Remember, font options may vary depending on the craft style.

Monogram Style: Triple or Single

  • After choosing your monogram style and font, you may email us for a sample of how your letters will appear in the font you've chosen. 
  • If not, once your order is received, you will receive an email with a sample of the font you've chosen. 
  • Remember, this is only a sample of the font and not an exact representation of the finished product.

Name Font Guide

  • With this crafting style, the font guide for the name will appear on the products page in the photos section. 
  • The single letter will typically be a set font, depending on craft style, and the font for the name will have roughly 10 choices.
  • Remember, font options may vary depending on the craft style.

Color Guide

Acrylic Colors

Paint Colors